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How to start real estate business in Nepal How to start real estate business in Nepal


How to start a Real Estate business in Nepal 2020



Start your own real estate business from the scratch by step by step guide.

Entering into the real estate business is going to be the best decision you will ever make. It is profitable too

Well, you want to quit your 9-5 job and make your own empire right? Then you can jump right into it.

real estate company

The real estate business is a field where buying and selling a property related to real estate which is also one of the most beneficial business. The reason why it is beneficial :

1. Passive income can be generate

2. Appreciation of real estate property

3. Tax benefit

4. Your investment is almost secured

5. Be your own boss

If you make the decision to enter in real estate business. That’s gonna be your best choice in your life because you can be a wealthier person then early and yeah that is sure.

By the way, now you got stuck up how to really be the great real estate businessman right? This blog post is for you go-ahead

1. Figure out your budget

budget management

First things first, To start your own real estate business you should invest your money. Now to get invested you should have cash so your first priority should go to estimate your budget. When you figure out your budget. You can get a clear vision of how should you invest your first cash in real estate

If your budget is low then my straight advice to you is to start saving your cash so that you can invest it later. Up to this process starts to analyze the real estate market. So that your lot of confusion can be cleared in this process. Get proper knowledge about how the market is being run.

In brief, to start your own real estate empire your first focus should be in figuring out your estimate. How much amount of money you gonna put it into real estate.

2. Make your own brand

best branding

Branding plays a vital role in the real estate business. Branding can change your structure of a real estate business by giving feel to the branding helps you to make your company-specific identity which can easily help the clients to reach up to you to make a deal or any other kind of appointment. So that you can build a strong network to reach with others many people

Real estate company branding helps other people to get a proper perception of your firm which can turn in to the new business and increase brand awareness. When you want to expand your business in the future it helps to increase business value

By the way, branding most important factor is that it can increase your customer with the help of your proper branding idea and a good marketing technique which can make more deals in the coming year

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3. Take step towards internet platform

internet marketing

As we know nowadays before we buying we start to surf the internet to get proper market specifications about it. everyone can easily access the internet so it is most important to make a good online presence.

To begin with internet presence you have tons of ideas you can choose one as your own website or any other social media. Pick one and make strong marketing so that more people can reach to your brand.

When you step towards internet platform we know the internet is available 24/7 so the people can deal up with you at any place and any time. It makes easier to make an effective deal with your clients.

In short, making a good online presence can help you to drive more traffic which takes your business to the next level.

4. finance Management

financial management

You can start a real estate business with the minimum cost too. You don’t need to invest much more money at the beginning of the real state

But before starting real estate business keep in mind. You should run your business until your first client reaches up to make sure that you have enough cash to pay the overall expenses of your business. So that it doesn’t collapse at the beginning when you are a newbie.

Many great real estate businessmen don’t start their business with a huge amount of cash in their hands. At first, make a great plan buy studying the whole real estate market then you will have the clear vision on where your money is going to be invested calculate that carrying cost and you will feel a lot easier to make your real state business successful

In case you don’t have enough cash in your hand then you can simply take a loan from the bank or any individual so that your business can run effectively.

5. Create your work-space where you are available

best workspace

You can simply build your shop or create your workspace that can be your home too. nowadays we are in the era of the internet you create virtual shops by using many more computer software which will make you easier to deal up with clients.

However, At first, nobody has settled down their business completely. you need to fulfill your business demand step by step. Take look out there to a great real estate businessman most of them have started their business from home or creating a small workspace where they can have a good deal with their clients

6. Build a good bond with clients

shaking hand

Bullding a good bond with many people in the real estate business is one of the most essensital factor.

People are normally social animals. building a good bond with many people usually pay off a good and fun working environment with each other

When you build a good bond with people their is high chance of your business growth. yours friendly clients will suggest others to deal with your company .

# 5 ways to build a good bond with clients :

1. Take interest in your conversation

when you and your clients having a good conversation. hold a genuine interest in your conversation so that it makes good feeling to your clients to share his/her topic without any hesitation

showing great interest to other people topic can make them more comfortable sharing their thoughts and idea which helps to make your conversation easier

2. Make sure that you don’t gossip with them

When your good conversation is converted into conflict then. Basically if you have a problem then don’t start to conflict you can simply directly tell that problem so that it can be solved in time or there will be easy to find a solution

3. Don’t forget to give your genuine complement

We people like to listen complement right ? so don’t forget give your complement in this blog post.

If something you like about others and giving them a nice complement can make good feelings to them. giving complement is actually add more feel to your conversation.

Remember that you shouldn’t throw the fake complement to others. they can know about your fake complement

4. Line-up time to meet them

when you make a good schedule to catch up with them. you can give them a quality of time without being disturbed from any other kind of activity

5. Be the effective listener

Listening also plays one of vital role in the relationship building. when someone is giving idea or knowledge when you listen to them effectively you can be clear at that point

Being a active listener is also one of the important role to make your bond strong

7. Obtain a real estate license

real estate licence image

When you start a real estate business it is compulsory to obtain a real estate license which is provided by the government which helps you to be safe from any illegal issue

All the state or country has its own rule so take the authority as the state rule. There are two types of real estate license sales-person and broker. According to state, there are different requirements to get a real estate license so make sure that you have all your documents to get real estate license successfully

Now you guys are ready to invest on real estate market ? let me know in the comment section. if you have any doubt then you can ask without felling any hesitation we will help you to solve your problem.

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day trading

How to renew Demat account | online | Nepal



How to renew Demat account
How to renew Demat account

How to renew a Demat account?

The answer is simple you can renew your Demat account by visiting directly to the (Bank, broker, merchant bank, etc.) one of them where you have opened your Demat Account.

Or, You can renew your Demat account online by using the app, a name called eSewa. we will discuss this in brief in the middle of the article, keep reading for now.

Why to renew your Demat account?

You can’t make your trading in the stock market with an expired Demat account. SO, to be engaged in stock trading, it’s compulsory to have an active Demat account because all the stocks are listed in your Demat account.

Step-by-step to renew a Demat Account online:

Step 1:

To renew a Demat account online, You need a device that should be connected to the internet. Then, Download the eSewa app. You can easily find this app in your play store. Make sure you download it.

Step 2:

Therefore, After download, open the app and log into your eSewa id. If you haven’t created your eSewa id then you can create your personnel by using your mobile phone number. In which bank or brokerage house does your Demat Account exists. So then, Search that bank or broker name in the search bar of the eSewa.

Step 3:

Find your Demat account exist bank or broker and click there. In the first place there is client ID. there, You need to enter your client id last eight digits other digits will be automatically listed by eSewa app.

How to renew demat account

Step 4:

When you finished typing client ID then, move to Full name. Here, enter your full name and go to contact number. Make sure that the contact number you have provided should be the same contact number which you have provided to the bank or brokerage house.

How to renew demat account online

Step 5:

By the way, Now its time to select you service. As we know, We are renewing a Demat account so make your service tick in Demat.

Step 6:

In step 6, Click (Years) here You will get a chance to extend your expiry date as your desire. By the way, you can extend your expiry date up to ten years.

renew demat account

Step 7:

In conclusion

At last by clicking proceed you are 1 step closer to your renewing Demat account. Now you will be displayed by confirming screen. Click confirm. If all things were correct then your work is done.

You can call the bank or broker so that you can confirm your Demat Account whether it is renewed or not.

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8 Best share market App in Nepal | 2021



Best share market app in Nepal
Best share market app in Nepal

Choosing the best share market app to invest in and to get the daily update is one of the best ways to increase your trading or investment experience. By the way, the Share market app helps you to make your investing and trading simple as possible. You can be engaged in a share market from any part of the world.

Usually, It is easier to trade or invest from your own smartphone. Day-by-by the new features are constantly adding by the developers. To get all the features and services, First, you need to select the best share market app. So here, I am providing you the 10 best share market Apps for Nepal.

1. Nepali paisa

Nepali paisa share market app

Nepali paisa is one of the popular and user-friendly apps. This app has the vision to be one of the most innovative financial media company. This app changes and improves the strategy of the investor while taking an investment decision in the share market.

Nepali paisa app

They are a successful and trustable app for providing reliable and honest news, information, services in the Nepalese market. Nepali paisa is continuously innovating new ideas, concepts and providing the latest service to their daily user.

Features and services:

  • IPO calculator
  • Margin lending calculator
  • Net price calculator
  • Stock screener

2. Merolagani

Mero lagani share market app

Mero Lagani was founded in 2011 AD. This share market app was specially established to track the portfolio of Nepali investors. The main theme of this app is to provide you live stock quotes, information, News, Annual and Quarterly reports, portfolio management tools. Mero lagani provides you the features of tracking your investments and makes you concerned about your loss and gains.

Share market app

One of the coolest things about this app is you can set up alerts for every price change in the stocks in your watchlist and instantly get a notification via email or SMS. This company is developed by Asterisk Technology Pvt. Ltd. Mero lagani allows users to listen to the podcast about the mero lagani news, share market talks.

Features and services:

  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Annual and quarterly Reports
  • Data analytics
  • Virtual Trading
  • Newsletter

3. Mero stock

Mero stock app

Mero stock is one of the most popular and best share market free apps in Nepal. It is also one of the best for portfolio tracking. Therefore, even if you are not an experienced investor this app provides you with live data from Nepal Stock Exchange. Mero stock was developed by sabin poudel.

Mero stock app

Mero stock is user-friendly. By the way, it helps you to solve your investing problem with the latest technology and innovative idea. This apps comes with all the features that a normal investor or treader need. Many investors had good experience with this app.

Features and services:

  • Live data from NEPSE
  • Portfolio tacker
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • IPO results

4. Nepal share

Nepal share market app

Nepal share is known as one of the popular app for the portfolio management in the Nepal share Market. This share market app is completely user-friendly and smooth which provide better experience to the new as well as old investor. This app shows you a live data in very systematic way ,which every investor loves this features from this app.

Nepal share interface

The sad thing about this app is you are not provided with a technical analysis chart. You don’t get any option to backup and restore your portfolio. This app carries huge utility and potential. Nepal share is operated by brainants Technolgy Pvt. Ltd.

Features and services:

  • Best portfolio Tracker
  • Multiple portfolio management systems
  • User-friendly and Dark mode available
  • Systematic live data

5. ShareSansar

sharesansar app

ShareSansar is developed by IMS investment Management services Pvt. Ltd. This app is specially built to provide all the Nepal share market information and real-time data. The best feature of this app are it provides very systematic detail about each listed company in the share market.

sharesansar interface

Shareshansar never gets late to publish the IPO listing date and result date. For better learning and increasing experience in the share market, it provides you virtual trading in share Khiladi. Shareshansar provides you the paid version name call SSPro where you can get the new and useful features to make your investing more profitable.

Features and services:

  • Daily update about market and news
  • Virtual trading
  • Portfolio tracker
  • Information related to IPO, FPO, etc.



NEPSE is the official app of the Nepal Stock Exchange. NEPSE presents you the real-time stock exchange data. This app provides you all the data and information related to the turnover, floor sheet, share price, top traded shares. NEPSE apps come with a very userfriendly interface which very easy and simple for daily use

nepse interface

So that you can make good investing decision nepse provide you live trading data from 12 pm to 3 pm. The main cons of this app are you don’t have any portfolio management systems here. You can find all the listed broker company detail in this NEPSE app too.

Features and services:

  • Real Time live data from the market
  • List of top gainers and top loosers
  • All share price and floor sheet
  • Create watchlist and view data

7. Np stock

npstock app

Npstock app is one of the paid apps which charges you yearly 1000 and 2000 as a lifetime use choice is yours. Npstock state that it is a personal assistant in your phone which tracks your investment, general insights, populates investment. For the investment practice, this app features you a trading in a virtual environment.

npstock app interface

For a better experience for the user, 24/7 np stock features you in a dark mode. Whenever or wherever you are, np stock notified you of each and every ups and downs of the shares that matter to you and the latest event which is related to the share market of Nepal.

Features and services:

  • Watchlist
  • Notification
  • Investment idea
  • security overview
  • portfolio

8. NepseNews

Nepse news app

Nepsenews basically refers to the news app in the Nepal share market. This app provides you all the valuable news and information which is related to the stock market. Most people from all around the world are using this app to grab the latest information on what’s happening in the Nepal stock exchange.

Nepsenews app

The main disadvantage of this app is it only delivers the news. there are no features like live trading, portfolio management, etc. This app is designed and operated by Anil poudel. The good news about Nepsenews is, it is continuously upgrading and adding the new features in their app continuously.

Features and services:

Latest news and information about the Market

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Top 10 Insurance company in Nepal 2021 (Update list)



Insurance Company in Nepal
Insurance Company in Nepal

Trend’s NP is presenting you with the Top 10 Insurance company in Nepal. We gave our best in researching, comparing, etc. To make this article more helpful and informative. we provide different topics like divided, Paid-up Capital, Net premium, Net-worth per share, the Insurance policyholder, etc.

All the insurance companies mentioned below are one of the top performers in the insurance industry of Nepal. So without any delay here is the best list of :

Top Insurance company in Nepal 2020

1. Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (NLIC)

Top Insurance Company

Nepal Life insurance company is able to hold our top 1 position in this article. Crrying an aim to provide economically safe and secure to every Nepalese family. By different kinds of attractive insurance services in the latest market. Nepal Insurance company was well established in BS 2049 as an Insurance act.

According to mass people review, experience, and amazing products, services, schemes, etc. Nepal life insurance is one of the best insurance companies in Nepal. Full of the energetic and hardworking board of directors, co-ordinator, Team, etc. was able to perform excellently in the market and able to secure a heavy financial position. Within the timeframe of seventeen years in Nepal.

Nepal Life Insurance company highly followed the timebound strategy to accomplish its vision of spreading the importance of insurance to every Nepalese family. Help them to make their life much safe and secure.

Some of the products are :

  1. Bal shisksha Beema Yojana
  2. Jeevan Jyoti
  3. Naulo jeevan samridhi

As of 2077

Total Insurance Policies 1,209,720
Total Insurance Fund 5673.85 Crore
Paid-up Capital 549.61 Crore
Reserve and Surplus 373.62 Crore
Net Premium 1,047.55 Crore
Net Worth Per Share 185.01

2. Life Insurance Corporation Nepal limited (LICN)

Life insurance corporation Nepal

Life Insurance corporation Nepal was able to get approved on a life insurance license back in 2001. It is also one of the largest capitalized insurance company in Nepal. 55% of company ownership is obtained by L.I.C of India. Another 25% by the Vishal group and the remaining 20 % by public equity.

Same as other insurance companies. The main motto of Life Insurance corporation Nepal is to provide financial security to every Nepalese family with different best and effective products. For the better safe and secure future of People. LICN is focusing on spreading life Insurance awareness to wide people. However, This process is going continuously in different areas of the country Nepal.

Especially, This Top life Insurance company in Nepal is operated by different types of professional and hard-working people. Whereas, the service and products are delivered effectively to the customer in Nepal.

Some of the Products are :

  1. Money-back Plan
  2. Jeevan Tarang
  3. Amulya Jeevan
  4. Dhan Bristi

As of 2077

Total Insurance Policies 7,25,108
Total Insurance Fund 4,868.81 Crore
Paid-up Capital 1.33 Arba
Reserve and Surplus 52.82 Crore
Net Premium 578.23 Crore
Net Worth Per Share 141.01

3. National life Insurance Company limited (NLICL)

National life insurance company

The national life insurance company was well established back in 1968 as an insurance Act in Nepal. Carrying objectives to meet the demand for insurance in Nepal. This life insurance company is also known as the highest level of customer service provider in the market. With the best customer service and product in Nepal. The national life insurance company is able to gain a good reputation in the era of insurance in Nepal.

National life insurance is also one of the leading companies in Nepal. It is committed to providing all the need facility to the family related to the topic of insurance. The national life insurance company has a life insurance fund of approximately 1.4 billion. The latest news about this company is. it is constructing a huge complex in its own land for all the Nepalese People.

The company is run and managed by professionals and experienced people in this field. The National life insurance company is growing day by day to the next level because of its good products and services.

Some of the products are :

  1. Whole Life plan
  2. Retirement Plan
  3. Children Plan
  4. Money-back plan
  5. Term assurance Plan

As of 2077

Total Insurance Policies 700,151
Total Insurance Fund 2,372 Crore
Paid-up Capital 2.65 Arba
Reserve and Surplus 95.52 Crore
Net Premium 298.41 Crore
Net Worth Per Share 136.05
Dividend17.5 %

4. Metlife-American Life Insurance Company Limited (ALICO)

Metlife-american life insurance company nepal

Metlife-American Life Insurance company limited was well-established in 2001 December 5. It is one of the branches of Metlife, Inc. This insurance company is also one of the first foreign companies to get an insurance license from the Nepal government. Metlife insurance company is one of the leading insurance companies around the globe as well as Nepal.

Metlife-American Life insurance companies have branches in Nepal. More than 8,000 agents work for the MetLife insurance company customer to provide the best types of scheme and services. According to their needs and demand.

Some of the products are:

  1. health insurance
  2. Accident insurance
  3. Education protection
  4. Saving and protection

As of 2077

Total Insurance Policies 811,589
Total Insurance Fund 1,573.29 Crore
Paid-up Capital
Reserve and Surplus 163.98 Crore
Net Premium 189.69 Crore
Net Worth Per Share

5. Rastriya Beema Sansthan (RBS)

Rastra beema sanstha nepal

Rastra Beema Sanstha (RBS) was established as a private company in Poush 1, 2024, transformed into Poush 1, 2025 as per the National Insurance Corporation Act 2025. In accordance with the decision of the Government of Nepal to mobilize internal resources and capital for the economic development of the country, to curb foreign exchange expenditure, and to establish efficient business insurance companies, it was established as a private company on the 1st Poush 2024 BS It has happened.

During its tenure to date, this organization has been able to work in line with the goals and objectives set by the Government of Nepal and give high returns. The corporation has spread skilled manpower in the Nepali insurance market. It was also established carrying the aim of Being a reliable and first choice insurance provider in Nepal.

This Top Insurance company in Nepal focuses on. To mobilize internal resources and capital for the economic development of the country through insurance. And trying their best To spread awareness about insurance. To expand the business by increasing access to insurance. To provide simple and accessible service. To increase the trust of the organization in the insurance market through the highest use of technology.

Some of the Products are:

  1. Endowment plans
  2. Whole life plans
  3. Child plans
  4. Money back Plans
  5. Term plans
Total Insurance Policies
Total Insurance Fund 1920.64 Crore
Paid-up Capital 0.18 Arba
Reserve and Surplus 18.25 Crore
Net Premium 440.57 Crore
Net Worth Per Share 200.81

6. Asian life Insurance Company Limited (ALICL)

Asian life insurance company nepal

Asian life Insurance company was established back in 2008 on February 27th. Bima Samiti provided the insurance license as an Act 2049. Without any delay, Asian life insurance successfully lunches its first service on 2008 April 3rd. As I mentioned below Asian life insurance was able to collect 5 billion as an authorized capital. Whereas 2.01 billion is currently paid up. This company is also supported by different popular foreign companies.

This Top Life insurance company of Nepal is run by different professionals and experienced people in different fields like banks, institutions, private companies, etc. Continuously grinding their effort to make the Asian life insurance better than yesterday. Some of the team members are ex-government officers too. All over Nepal, the branches of Asian life insurance are scattered around in 140 different places. And successful in providing quality services.

The main motive of this insurance company is to provide the best satisfaction to their policy holders. Another best thing about this company is they fastly adopt the latest and modern technology or strategies in their insurance company so that policy holders can be benefited in the long run. They also have the best and effective vision so that they improve society and thinking from different aspects.

Some of the Products are:

  1. Nava Ratna
  2. Dhan samridhi
  3. Asian Child endowment
  4. Saral surachha
  5. Jivan sanjivani
Total Insurance Policies 250,345
Total Insurance Fund 1500.13
Paid-up Capital 1.26 Arba
Reserve and Surplus 26.34 Crore
Net Premium 173.49 Crore
Net Worth Per Share 120.96
Dividend4 %

7. Prime Life Insurance Company Limited (PLIC)

Prime life insurance Nepal

The prime life Insurance company was established in June 2007. It is also one of the popular companies in the rance industry in Nepal. Prime life insurance proudly mentions that the company was able to generate 56.75 million in its first operating year. It is also one of the biggest achievements in the Nepalese insurance industry. Due to the best and attractive products and services prime insurance company was able to obtain 16 lakh policyholders in the 12-year time frame.

By the way, the Prime insurance company was successful in those time frames. Also able to generate around 17 million for premium for this company. According to the insurance market and people review, it is among the fastest-growing insurance company in Nepal. But they are not stopped by gaining high popularity and high return. They continued working hard to make the prime insurance company one of the top insurance companies in Nepal.

However, they adopt the latest and modern technology besides that they focus on innovative products and services. so, That they can offer different kinds of effective services to the people in Nepal. Prime insurance also focuses on its stakeholders so that they provide good value to their valuable investor.

Some of the Products are:

  1. Prime Jeevan upahar
  2. Prime life new term Assurance
  3. Prime life sulav money back
  4. Primelife dhan saar
  5. Primelife jeewan surakshya

As of 2077

Total Insurance Policies 486,623
Total Insurance Fund 768.97 Crore
Paid-up Capital 1.78 Arba
Reserve and Surplus 97.90 Crore
Net Premium 122.28 Crore
Net Worth Per Share 160.12
Dividend12.5 %

8. Surya Life Insurance Company Limited (SLICL)

Surya life insurance company Nepal

Surya life insurance company was first introduced as a company on 2063 BS later on in 2064 it was successful to obtain an insurance license under the act 2049 from Beema Samiti. As an insurance company, it was successful to collect authorized capital of the amount 300 crores paid-up capital around 215 crore which is pretty good for the Surya life insurance company. As a reinsurance arrangement, Surya’s life insurance has made to Nepal Re-Insurance company limited.

The main motive of Surya’s life insurance is to maintain and discover resources for national economic development. Whereas, This company is trying its best to develop resources and means for economic development. Surya life insurance is trying its best to create new and attractive services for their policyholder for their better tomorrow.

Some of the Products are:

  1. Surya money back Plan
  2. Foreign employment life insurance plan
  3. children’s policy
  4. Group term Assurance plan
  5. Surya yearly money Back plan

As of 2077

Total Insurance Policies 376,365
Total Insurance Fund 430.29 Crore
Paid-up Capital 1.13 Arba
Reserve and Surplus 43.14 Crore
Net Premium 95.33 Crore
Net Worth Per Share 138.12
Dividend12.63 %

9. Gurans Life Insurance Company Limited (GLICL)

GuransLifeInsurance company Nepal

Gurans life insurance company was promoted by the Durga group, sunrise bank ltd, other businessman, etc. This life insurance company was firstly introduced in the market under company act 2063 BS. Later on, in 2064 it was introduced as an insurance company under the act 2049 from beema samiti. This company blindly focus on providing quality and effective service to its policyholder.

Gurans life insurance was sucessfull to collect the authorized capital of 200 crore. From their around 93 crore is paid up capital. due to better performance and high return their are more than 26000 share holders in this company. As the time goes with the time gurans life insurance company is also expanding their business nationally and internationally.

Some of the Products are:

  1. Gurans savadhik jeevan beema yojana
  2. gurans jeevan rakshyak jeevan beema yojana
  3. gurans jeevan shree beema yojana
  4. gurans surakshit bhavisya jeevan beema yojana
Total Insurance Policies 200,760
Total Insurance Fund 487.39 Crore
Paid-up Capital 0.59 Arba
Reserve and Surplus 26.52 Crore
Net Premium 4.10 Crore
Net Worth Per Share 144.65
Dividend13.1 %

10. Union Life Insurance Company Limited (UNLICL)

Union life insurance company Nepal

Union life insurance company was firstly introduced in the as on company in 2063 and later on in 2074 under insurance Act 2049 from beema samiti it came to the Market. This company was established with sole Nepalese capital. union life insurance company has big promoters like jagadamba group, golchha group, gadiya group, Naupane group, Rajesh hardware & tibrewala group.

This company was sucessfully to obtain authorized capital of 215 crore and. As the rapid development and changes in the country or internationally the union life insurance is committed to provide all kinds of quality and effective sevices as an international standard level to it’s policy holders. This campany is being better day by day to become one of the big and famous life insurance company in Nepal.

Some of the products are:

  1. Limited endowment plan
  2. Endowment Assurance cum whole life policy
  3. Group term assurance policy
  4. Child endowment plan
  5. Annual money back life insurance plan
Total Insurance Policies 119,103
Total Insurance Fund 95.33 Crore
Paid-up Capital 1.51 Arba
Reserve and Surplus 14.81 Crore
Net Premium 102.77 Crore
Net Worth Per Share 109.84
Dividend4 %

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