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How to renew Demat account How to renew Demat account

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How to renew Demat account | online | Nepal



How to renew Demat account

How to renew a Demat account?

The answer is simple you can renew your Demat account by visiting directly to the (Bank, broker, merchant bank, etc.) one of them where you have opened your Demat Account.

Or, You can renew your Demat account online by using the app, a name called eSewa. we will discuss this in brief in the middle of the article, keep reading for now.

Why to renew your Demat account?

You can’t make your trading in the stock market with an expired Demat account. SO, to be engaged in stock trading, it’s compulsory to have an active Demat account because all the stocks are listed in your Demat account.

Step-by-step to renew a Demat Account online:

Step 1:

To renew a Demat account online, You need a device that should be connected to the internet. Then, Download the eSewa app. You can easily find this app in your play store. Make sure you download it.

Step 2:

Therefore, After download, open the app and log into your eSewa id. If you haven’t created your eSewa id then you can create your personnel by using your mobile phone number. In which bank or brokerage house does your Demat Account exists. So then, Search that bank or broker name in the search bar of the eSewa.

Step 3:

Find your Demat account exist bank or broker and click there. In the first place there is client ID. there, You need to enter your client id last eight digits other digits will be automatically listed by eSewa app.

How to renew demat account

Step 4:

When you finished typing client ID then, move to Full name. Here, enter your full name and go to contact number. Make sure that the contact number you have provided should be the same contact number which you have provided to the bank or brokerage house.

How to renew demat account online

Step 5:

By the way, Now its time to select you service. As we know, We are renewing a Demat account so make your service tick in Demat.

Step 6:

In step 6, Click (Years) here You will get a chance to extend your expiry date as your desire. By the way, you can extend your expiry date up to ten years.

renew demat account

Step 7:

In conclusion

At last by clicking proceed you are 1 step closer to your renewing Demat account. Now you will be displayed by confirming screen. Click confirm. If all things were correct then your work is done.

You can call the bank or broker so that you can confirm your Demat Account whether it is renewed or not.

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8 Best share market App in Nepal | 2021



Best share market app in Nepal
Best share market app in Nepal

Choosing the best share market app to invest in and to get the daily update is one of the best ways to increase your trading or investment experience. By the way, the Share market app helps you to make your investing and trading simple as possible. You can be engaged in a share market from any part of the world.

Usually, It is easier to trade or invest from your own smartphone. Day-by-by the new features are constantly adding by the developers. To get all the features and services, First, you need to select the best share market app. So here, I am providing you the 10 best share market Apps for Nepal.

1. Nepali paisa

Nepali paisa share market app

Nepali paisa is one of the popular and user-friendly apps. This app has the vision to be one of the most innovative financial media company. This app changes and improves the strategy of the investor while taking an investment decision in the share market.

Nepali paisa app

They are a successful and trustable app for providing reliable and honest news, information, services in the Nepalese market. Nepali paisa is continuously innovating new ideas, concepts and providing the latest service to their daily user.

Features and services:

  • IPO calculator
  • Margin lending calculator
  • Net price calculator
  • Stock screener

2. Merolagani

Mero lagani share market app

Mero Lagani was founded in 2011 AD. This share market app was specially established to track the portfolio of Nepali investors. The main theme of this app is to provide you live stock quotes, information, News, Annual and Quarterly reports, portfolio management tools. Mero lagani provides you the features of tracking your investments and makes you concerned about your loss and gains.

Share market app

One of the coolest things about this app is you can set up alerts for every price change in the stocks in your watchlist and instantly get a notification via email or SMS. This company is developed by Asterisk Technology Pvt. Ltd. Mero lagani allows users to listen to the podcast about the mero lagani news, share market talks.

Features and services:

  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Annual and quarterly Reports
  • Data analytics
  • Virtual Trading
  • Newsletter

3. Mero stock

Mero stock app

Mero stock is one of the most popular and best share market free apps in Nepal. It is also one of the best for portfolio tracking. Therefore, even if you are not an experienced investor this app provides you with live data from Nepal Stock Exchange. Mero stock was developed by sabin poudel.

Mero stock app

Mero stock is user-friendly. By the way, it helps you to solve your investing problem with the latest technology and innovative idea. This apps comes with all the features that a normal investor or treader need. Many investors had good experience with this app.

Features and services:

  • Live data from NEPSE
  • Portfolio tacker
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • IPO results

4. Nepal share

Nepal share market app

Nepal share is known as one of the popular app for the portfolio management in the Nepal share Market. This share market app is completely user-friendly and smooth which provide better experience to the new as well as old investor. This app shows you a live data in very systematic way ,which every investor loves this features from this app.

Nepal share interface

The sad thing about this app is you are not provided with a technical analysis chart. You don’t get any option to backup and restore your portfolio. This app carries huge utility and potential. Nepal share is operated by brainants Technolgy Pvt. Ltd.

Features and services:

  • Best portfolio Tracker
  • Multiple portfolio management systems
  • User-friendly and Dark mode available
  • Systematic live data

5. ShareSansar

sharesansar app

ShareSansar is developed by IMS investment Management services Pvt. Ltd. This app is specially built to provide all the Nepal share market information and real-time data. The best feature of this app are it provides very systematic detail about each listed company in the share market.

sharesansar interface

Shareshansar never gets late to publish the IPO listing date and result date. For better learning and increasing experience in the share market, it provides you virtual trading in share Khiladi. Shareshansar provides you the paid version name call SSPro where you can get the new and useful features to make your investing more profitable.

Features and services:

  • Daily update about market and news
  • Virtual trading
  • Portfolio tracker
  • Information related to IPO, FPO, etc.



NEPSE is the official app of the Nepal Stock Exchange. NEPSE presents you the real-time stock exchange data. This app provides you all the data and information related to the turnover, floor sheet, share price, top traded shares. NEPSE apps come with a very userfriendly interface which very easy and simple for daily use

nepse interface

So that you can make good investing decision nepse provide you live trading data from 12 pm to 3 pm. The main cons of this app are you don’t have any portfolio management systems here. You can find all the listed broker company detail in this NEPSE app too.

Features and services:

  • Real Time live data from the market
  • List of top gainers and top loosers
  • All share price and floor sheet
  • Create watchlist and view data

7. Np stock

npstock app

Npstock app is one of the paid apps which charges you yearly 1000 and 2000 as a lifetime use choice is yours. Npstock state that it is a personal assistant in your phone which tracks your investment, general insights, populates investment. For the investment practice, this app features you a trading in a virtual environment.

npstock app interface

For a better experience for the user, 24/7 np stock features you in a dark mode. Whenever or wherever you are, np stock notified you of each and every ups and downs of the shares that matter to you and the latest event which is related to the share market of Nepal.

Features and services:

  • Watchlist
  • Notification
  • Investment idea
  • security overview
  • portfolio

8. NepseNews

Nepse news app

Nepsenews basically refers to the news app in the Nepal share market. This app provides you all the valuable news and information which is related to the stock market. Most people from all around the world are using this app to grab the latest information on what’s happening in the Nepal stock exchange.

Nepsenews app

The main disadvantage of this app is it only delivers the news. there are no features like live trading, portfolio management, etc. This app is designed and operated by Anil poudel. The good news about Nepsenews is, it is continuously upgrading and adding the new features in their app continuously.

Features and services:

Latest news and information about the Market

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Day Trading in Nepal 2021 | how to Start Day Trading in Nepal



Day trading in nepal 2020

A warm welcome to you all, You can start a Day trading in Nepal and make a good profit on a daily basis. I want to inform you that the Nepal stock market and its broker doesn’t provide you a direct day trading facility because it does not meet up all the requirements of day trading.

So, If you want to be a day trader in Nepal. Nobody can stop you because every problem has its own solution. For you guys, we have a step-by-step guide for day trading in Nepal below down so you can continuity to this. We also have some bonus tips for you to be a successful day trader.

What is Day Trading?

The process of buying and selling a stock or securities within the same day is known as day trading. Day trading is done all over the world Market-place. All your trades are done between the market time. You can enter and exit the market with more than one stock too.

 If you have good trading strategies day trading can be a good money-making career. Nowadays newbie without trading strategies directly jumps towards the day trading and end up losing their money.

You can also take a look at what are the Advantage and Disadvantages of Day trading as a Trader in 2020 (CLICK HERE TO SEE)

How people make a Proft from Day Trading?

1. Buy low sell high

buy low sell high

Making Money on Day trading is simple as far as you have good trading strategies about stepping towards the market and stepping out of the market in a single day and having good knowledge about falling and rising market.

For example: Making profit by day Trading is like when you buy API(API Hydropower company) shares at 107 and at the end of the day you sell at 111 you make 4 rupees per share.

2. Short selling

Actually, There are many ways to make a profit from Day Trading. You can make a profit as short selling of stocks too okay now you have a question what is short selling?

The process of making a profit from the declining market by selling stocks first and buying from the market later. Let me clarify this.

short sell

First, you borrow the stocks from the broker and sell it to the market. By making a profit on that stock and then you buy the exact stocks according to the latest market price.

eg: when you predict the market is going to fall and in short selling, you first sell API stock in 112 and buy same stocks at the end of the day in 107 again you are making profits of Rs 5 per share

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What are the requirements for day trading in Nepal?

To get started with day trading. firstly you should have a DEMAT account (Click here to learn how to open the DEMAT account). When you have a DEMAT account now you are eligible for trading in the Stock market.

DEMAT account can be used for all types of trading. You can also go for long term investing as you want with your DEMAT account.

open demat account in nepal

After completion of DEMAT account. By contacting your desire broker you can start your Day trading. When you are starting your Day trading journey it is not sufficient when you know how to buy or sell stocks you should also learn to analyze the stock market as technical or physical analysis. So make sure that you have perfect strategies and tools to be succefull day trader in Nepal.

How to participate in Day Trading of Nepal?

As I have mentioned above there are not any specific Day trading facilities in NEPSE because it takes to completes its orders to 3/4 Days however, we have another way to participate in Day trading of Nepal. Now let me clarify you with this.

let’s begin with the solution when you want to day trade in Nepal. You guys only can trade-in the hype market. You can buy and sell shares only when your’s particular selected shares are in high demand. If your’s particular selected shares are in less demand. usually, These shares are in up-trend/high demanded (click here to see). There will be less chance to be traded your shares in the same day so how you can trade let you know below down reason :

NO 1: To participate in day trading you should have your desired company stocks before day trading (/below down)

Generally, For now, being a Day Trader in Nepal you cannot start your day trading journey being completely new in the stock market. you should be in the stock market as the owner of some stocks. Before you start your day trading journey.

NO 2: You will be Day trading only those shares which were owned by you ( Explained below down)

When you are the owner of your desire stocks in NEPSE. Remember that you can only trade those stocks as a day trading in Nepal. You can only buy and sell those stock which was owned by you as a day trader.

NO 3: how to do a Complete Day Trade?

As we know when we place a New buying order it usually takes 3/4 days to complete those orders. so,

Now to complete day trading stocks you should place a buy order(Remember NO: 2). Now when you want to exit the market by making a loss/profit. At the selling time actually you will be selling your previous stocks which were owned by you before.

Your’s previous number of stock are again listed in your Trading/DEMAT account when the orders is completed.

In this process you will be completing your day trading making a profit/loss.

What are the different types of orders in the Nepal stock market?

1. Market order

Generally, when you want to enter the market immediately or directly by buying stocks as a whatever asking price is in the market. This type of order is known as a market order.

Pros :

=> You will be entering the market by now

cons :

=> You will be buying stocks not as per your bid value.

2. Limit order

when you perform buy or sell activity only if the market comes to your desired price. This type of order is known as a Limit order.

Pros :

=> You might be entering the market at the “cheaper price”

Cons :

=> You might not be in the market. When market is in upper trend.

3. Stop order

When you only enter the market if the market moves are in your favor or as per your planning. This type of order is known as stop order.

Pros :

=> You will be entering into the market with the strength which is very important.

cons :

=> sometimes Market cannot comes to your favor for long time

4. Stop-loss order

When you exit the trade if the market is gone against you. This types of order are known as Stop-loss order

Pros :

=> You will be minimizing your losses.

Cons :

=> The market can turn back into yours desired direction.

Best strategies of Day Trading in Nepal

1. Find and prepare your budget

budget for day trading

setting up your budget is the best way to prevent huge losses from the market. It plays a vital role in Day trading to manage your losses. When you set up your budget. It will be easy for you to Trade only 1% or 2% of your budget per Trade.

When you prepare your budget it helps to keep you out of the unwanted debt which makes your trading effective

2. Start your Day trading from Basics as a beginners

day trading basics

Don’t try to start investing a huge amount of money without knowing the fundamental of the share market. Start and learn to trade a small number of stocks which can minimize your risk and helps you to expand your knowledge casually

Generally, by investing a huge amount of money as beginners has a high chance of loss in your investment so try to minimize your losses by investing less amount of money so that you have chance to invest huge money later on by knowing all the knowledge

3. Your first priority should be risk management

Risk management in day trading

When you are a beginner as a day trader by managing your risk can help you a lot. You can keep going on your trading journey for a long time. Managing your risk can helps to cut your losses.

Generally, It provides you stability in your day trading. Provides your protection from the vast falling market. so, in day trading as a beginner risk management plays an important role in your trading journey.

Make a perfect strategy and stick with it

Day trading strategies

Basically, to succeed in your investing career you should have a perfect strategy. how you will be investing in next 5 years and make your profit high or double/ triple. you should follow your investing strategy which can help you in long run investment without any difficulty

Generally, Having a perfect strategy can help you in every investment in a new company you can go through your strategy which helps you to invest in different stocks. (HERE ARE THE TOP 10 TIPS TO INVEST ON STOCK MARKET)

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day trading

Top Day trading pros and cons as a trader in 2020



pros and cons of day trading

All we know that Day trading is one of the best ways to make your profit daily by trading in stocks. Here are the pros and cons which is faced by day trader while trading in stocks. Which we have listed down below jump right into it

day trading advantage

what is day trading?

The process of buying and selling a stock or securities within the same day is known as day trading. Day trading is done all over the world Market-place. All your trades are done between the market time. You can enter and exit the market with more than one stock too.

Usually, day trading is performed with the help of trading strategies. If you have good trading strategies day trading can be a good money-making career. Nowadays newbie without trading strategies directly jumps towards the day trading and end up losing their money.

Pros of day trading

1. A newbie can easily start day trading

Day trading is easy to get started simply you should have a pc or mobile phone and a good internet connection. You can work from anywhere in the world.

Because of this one of the best pros. Many people failed to be a profitable trader. People start day trading without having any skill on the market and they end up losing their money.

In short, 90% of the traders are failed in the stock market. So then, make sure that you don’t do the same mistake when you are entering towards the day trading make sure that you have perfect strategies to enter the market

2. Be successful even in a good or bad market
day trading success

We know that the stock market is the volatility market. Sometimes the market is in both good and bad conditions. The successful day trader is profited with both markets.

Day traders can make money on the bad market by short-selling of stocks. They can make a good profit from the falling market too. All you need is a good knowledge about those short selling strategies.

This is also one of the best pros of day trading. In short, profit is in both good and bad markets.

3. Risk-free from an overnight market crash
market crash day trading

Incidentally, the market is crashed after the market hours due to global market news and information related to the market. Usually, in this condition, the stock market is down 5 to 10 % after the market hours.

Day trading is not affected by overnight market crash. Regularly day traders exit after the market hours.

so being a day traders you can be safe from overnight market crash

4. Generate profit daily
day trading income

Many people want to generate their profit daily and of course, Day trading can fulfill your want. It can generate a good amount of income daily

The best thing about day trading is your wallet is never empty. If you are a good trader then you can earn a good amount of money on a daily basis. To generate good profit daily you need to have a high level of trading skill.

5. Short selling option is available

The process of making a profit from the declining market by selling stocks first and buying from the market later. Let me clarify this.

short sell

First, you borrow the stocks from the broker and sell it to the market. By making a profit on that stock then you buy the exact stocks according to the latest market price.

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Cons of day trading

1. Transaction cost is heavier
broker cost

Day traders trade more in daily basics in each trade you should pay the commission to the broker. More trade = more commission which your broker make a ton of money from you.

As the transaction cost is higher you should generate more profit to cover the brokerage cost. When you failed to generate good profit then your brokerage expenses are also there. You end up losing more money.

2. High probability of losing money
day trading risk

Day trading is very risky. we know that 90% of day traders lose money. That 95% of day traders give up day trading within 6 months because they have either lost all their money or all they could afford to lose and that only 1% of day traders make any real money at it.

The disadvantage of day trading is that the odds are you will lose money, maybe all your money. So make sure that you have a perfect plan and strategies to succeed in day trading.

3. stress and anxiety level high due to fast entry and exits.
day trading stress

Day trading can lead to a high level of stress and anxiety. Therefore, you have to be more alert about your entry and exits points from the market.

Most of the time your focus should be in the market looking at its ups and downs which harm

4. Miss out the bursting market
day trading loss

Sometimes the market moves higher and higher day by day or even up to a week. When the market is in a bursting condition a day trader cannot participate in this explosive market.

Day traders miss out on this bursting market. However, day traders don’t have any position in the market after the market close.

5. Maximum time is spent on the market seeking an opportunity
market loss

Generally, Day traders should spent maximum time at the market just by searching out any best market opportunity

Your maximum time and focus should be in the market all day to identify good entry and exit points. So you will miss out on the important day work just by searching for a good entry and exit point in the market.

By the way, every time day trading is not sure that you will be rewarded with the best opportunity to enter that you make a good profit.

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