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Trend’s NP is the website that provides you information and strategies related to the investing, stock market, and other financial related topics.

Trend’s NP mission :

Our purpose is to make you updated about investing information and strategies. Giving you the best tips and tricks which help you to be a smart investor.

Trend’s NP is not about a quick-rich scheme or any other giving you an over-night millionaire method. Trend’ss NP gives you a proper clear vision and strategies about investing. Trend’s NP is all about providing you quality content with lots of information and strategies.

our Founder :

trends np founder

Founder and CEO

Pratik Bhattarai is the founder of A blogger and programmer who is an investor too. Pratik launched in 2020.

How can I contact :

You can contact us directly by going directly to our contact us page and submitting an easy to use form. Whether you have a comment or suggestion to share, we look forward to hearing from you. 

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